Finding positives in a quarantined world


Addison Kania

Of course no one wants to return to the time of wearing pajamas all day, when social life was essentially nonexistent and toilet paper was out of stock; however, everyone can probably say that some positives came out of the quarantine.

Throughout this quarantine, many people spent their time focusing on the negatives such as having to wear a mask everywhere they went or staying in the house 24/7. Looking back on it now, many people have discovered the silver lining. The realization has kicked in that maybe quarantine was not 100 percent awful and that it actually provided some things to be thankful for.

One of the things that occurred during quarantine was more time spent with family. Junior Alyssa Hillwig said that she was very grateful to have time with her family in a “less pressured environment”.

“I finally got to have my mom and sister at home and hangout with them without the stress of homework,” Hillwig said.

Many would probably agree that without the hectic happenings of everyday life, more time was available to come closer as a family. Oftentimes life gets in the way of what is most important like spending time with family. During quarantine, everyone’s life was pretty much on pause allowing time to connect with loved ones.

Additionally, along with this downtime, people accomplished things that they either put off or did not normally have time to do.

“I had more time to exercise, declutter, help others, and also complete projects like a wedding album ten years later,” assistant principal Mrs. Joanne Townsend said.

Not only were people able to complete tasks that had been put aside, they were also able to try new things and also relax.

“I was grateful to have some time to learn how to build a retaining wall and a wooden fence. I was also grateful that I had the chance to geek out and watch the entire Game of Thrones series,” teacher Mr. Bill Mitchell said.

TV shows were definitely something that people were able to catch up on. Some even decided to take a break from watching their favorite shows and try their hand at something new in the kitchen.

“I am thankful for all of the new experiences I was able to have that I would not have been able to have if quarantine didn’t happen, such as learning more about how to bake,” junior Sara Scialdone said.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s hard to imagine people would be thankful for a pandemic-induced quarantine, but there is always a silver lining. Mr. Mitchell tried to look at the bigger picture, saying, “the quarantine taught me not to take things for granted and appreciate the little things.”