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  • April 30Ballroom at Sheraton Station Square has been reserved for the Class of 2020 on Thursday, July 30 for a Senior Prom
  • April 30Class of 2020 Google Classroom -- qbvzjiu
  • April 9All Shaler Area schools closed for rest of 19-20 school year

School district makes decision to limit FID use

by Ashley Llaneza

April 16, 2020

Flexible Instructional Days are a new approach that is being taken by the state of Pennsylvania towards school cancellation days. Flexible Instructional Days, also known as FID, have become popular throughout multiple school districts...

Despite school efforts, vaping continues to be a problem

by Max Robinson

April 16, 2020

Tobacco use has been a recurring issue in high schools for years. Today, many kids have chosen to vape, or “juul”, instead of using traditional tobacco products, and it’s become an epidemic. According to the National Institute...

School district eliminates class rank

by Julia Falgione

April 15, 2020

Starting this year, class rank has been abolished from Shaler Area. Before, class rank was a ranking of students based on many different factors like the amount of AP classes taken. The district is using a new system, the collegiate...

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