Christmas in July? Don’t need it. We have Fourth of July!


Tia Bozzo

With the anticipation of the holiday season floating around, many people are quick to say that their favorite holiday is Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sure, there’s a lot to like about these holidays: good food, time spent with family, the list could go on. However, let’s not forget about the one holiday that tops them all: the Fourth of July.

I have often asked myself, what’s not to love about the Fourth? I’ve always come up with the same answer: nothing! From the food to the fireworks to summer weather, it’s hard to imagine any other holiday coming close.

Turkey is okay, but hotdogs and hamburgers are on another level way above that dry slab of meat. Not to mention the mouth-watering sides like watermelon and macaroni salad are the perfect compliment. No food screams “America” louder than a cheeseburger. The smoky taste of a burger, combined with the sweetness of watermelon is tastier than any other holiday dish I’ve ever had. The feasts that accompany Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner are in no way comparable to the cook-out of the Fourth of July.

The best aspect of the day however, is the celebration. There is no other day of the year when someone can feel so patriotic. Patriotism radiates everywhere, from the songs that are played to the fireworks that are set off that make the day perfect. There is no doubt that celebrating the best country on earth could be anything less than perfect.

Not to mention, the Fourth of July takes place during the best season of the year. The summertime is filled with long days of relaxation. The winter holidays are packed together within a span of a couple weeks causing the holidays to lose their significance.

This is not the case with the Fourth. It is one of the only major holidays within a three month range, so all the focus lies on it. No other holiday matches the enthusiasm and enjoyment brought about by the Fourth of July.