Girls Tennis team found way to enjoy the game and each other


Sarah Naccarato

The Shaler Area girls tennis team finished its season in October, coming together to face struggles and work as a group. With a final record of 5-7, the team made a comeback after having two early matches cancelled due to the rain. Despite this and a few initial losses, the team was supportive of each other through the ups and downs.

“Everyone loves winning, and we did win some matches, but I am proudest of the way the kids supported each other during matches,” coach Mr. Brian Deurmeyer said.

With 14 seniors and 13 underclass players, the tennis team was forced to face some issues regarding scheduling time for each individual to play. With patience and practice, they figured out a way to find fair scheduling.

“To their credit, my players were patient and accepting of the opportunities that came their way,” Mr. Duermeyer said.

Each player also faced their own individual struggles, and was forced to find ways to overcome issues. Corey Sigmund, a tennis and softball player, spoke about the challenges of being both a tennis player and softball player.

“One of the toughest struggles (for me) was forcing myself to not swing the tennis racket like a baseball bat. At first it was definitely rough but it always ended up getting a lot better throughout the season,” she said.

While there were some beginning conflicts, the team maintained an open environment for learning and overcoming challenges. Each person found ways to communicate, teach, and make the best of the game.

“The season and the program was so fun! I would recommend joining tennis to every girl if they want to feel like part of the team and get involved at Shaler,” Sigmund stated.

Being a part of a team allows everyone the freedom to unite and learn together and it was obvious with this group.

“They are talented tennis players, great students, kind humans, and fun to work with,” Mr. Duermeyer said.