Labrant’s real children are social media platforms, not their kids


The LaBrant fam, a YouTube sensation, gained popularity through a series of videos they posted on their multi-million subscriber YouTube platform. Although all of the content they post on their channel appears to be perfect, this is certainly not the case. Through a series of messy breakups, exposed lies, and neglecting their children, the LaBrants are overhyped and selfish, paying more attention to their followers than their own children.

Cole (25) and Savannah (28) have one thing in common, they love being in the spotlight. Cole, the biological dad to Posie and Zealand, started his career on Vine. He and a few friends would post funny videos and soon gained fame. They quickly became popular and decided to move to LA to help grow their channel.

It soon became apparent that Cole was the only one who truly wanted to be in the spotlight. His friends had lost their passion for making videos but Cole wanted to continue. After his friends left him, Cole reached out to Savannah, who at the time was somewhat on a similar path.

She was dating Tom Smith but was going through an extremely messy series of breakups. Savannah and Tom are the biological parents of Everleigh. It was a never-ending on again, off again relationship. Tom promised Savannah that he would stay with  her and Everleigh and be a good father. Sure enough, Tom left Savannah again, but this time, for good. Savannah began making lifestyle videos of her raising her daughter which became popular throughout the world.

Cole decided to reach out to Savannah, hoping that her platform could help his platform grow. Soon the two met, and from there, they continued the rest of their lives together. The two got married and had two kids together, Posie and Zealand, and are now expecting a third.

They put their lives on display through seemingly every social media platform possible, but this should not be how their young children are raised. Cole and Savannah post daily vlogs of every moment in their life. This should not be what their children grow up like. It is not fair that the whole world knows every single moment of these young children’s lives.

When their son Zealand was born, he had to stay in the NICU for multiple days due to health concerns. Instead of taking this time to be with their newborn son who was sick, the couple was still vlogging and posting content to their channel.

Everleigh is a competitive dancer, and every single moment of her dance career is posted on her social media platform, which is run by her parents. Every rehearsal, competition, or private lesson is posted on Instagram just so the family can gain more popularity. Is it actually Everleigh who wants to be posting this or is it her parents? Does Everleigh actually want to be dancing or are her parents forcing her to so that their channel can gain more views?

Posie is only two years old and constantly having photo shoots. It is completely unnecessary for a two-year old to have an numerous amount of photo shoots, just to keep her family name popular. Again, does Posie actually enjoy this or is it just for more fame for the family’s name?

Not only are the overexposing their children to the world, they are lying and misrepresenting their lives not only to the world, but to their kids as well.

A series of exposed lies now hangs over the family’s heads. In one video, Cole and Savannah pranked Everleigh by saying they had to give up their family’s dog. Everleigh was obviously distraught at this news, not knowing it was a lie. Fans quickly jumped on the couple for this disturbing behavior.

The family also filmed an episode on cancer. They titled the film “She got Diagnosed with Cancer.” The film was about their youngest daughter, Posie, and the thought of her having cancer. They took her to get a cancer scan, but it turned out that she was not diagnosed with cancer.

Although the family claims that they were ‘trying to raise awareness for this disease’, they used it to gain popularity by chosing a title that would make fans click on the video, giving them more views, and yet again, more popularity.

I think it’s safe to say that they need to spend more time with their family and less time on YouTube. Social Media is ruining the lives of their kids and exposing them for who Cole and Savannah really are more and more each day.