NFL trade deadline grades


The NFL had the most activity ever during this trade deadline: 10 trades total. Here is a grade for each team per trade with an explanation of why.

Bears receive a 2nd and a 4th round pick.

Ravens receive star MLB Roquan Smith.

Bears: C+ Although they are giving up a star linebacker, he was frustrated with the organization and likely wasn’t going to resign in the offseason. They get some more draft capital, which is big for them because they will need to begin to rebuild.

Ravens: A- They are in the mode to win now, and adding a top 5 linebacker will certainly help. Their 2nd round pick is most likely going to be an end-of-round choice, so it isn’t a huge loss. Assuming they can resign Smith, he will be miles better than anyone they would select with that pick. The only problem is both Smith and QB Lamar Jackson will be due for huge deals, so the only problem will be clearing the cap space to re-sign both.

Vikings receive TE TJ Hockenson and two 4th round picks.

Lions receive a 2nd and a 3rd round pick.

Vikings: B-. They are giving up two early picks, but gain two picks as well. Hockenson is a great player, and with the defense’s attention turning to Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, he can be a chain-mover and make the Vikings offense even more dynamic..

Lions: C. They are giving one of the top tight ends to a division rival who they will have to play twice a year. However, if they can hit on these two early picks, it can pay off big time because they aren’t in win-now mode.

Steelers receive a 2nd round pick.

Bears receive WR Chase Claypool.

Steelers: A- I know Claypool is a young, talented receiver, but he is due for a contract in the next two years. Rookie George Pickens does everything Claypool does, and he does it better. Claypool wasn’t getting the ball much, and the Steelers got what should be a top-of-the-round pick. The only thing I wish is if the Steelers could have included Matt Canada in the trade.

Bears: B. I don’t like how they gave up an early 2nd round pick, especially when they aren’t contending for a Super Bowl. However, Justin Fields needs weapons to succeed, and they are getting a talented, big-bodied receiver who can make plays down the field. I think both teams benefit from this deal.

Miami receives OLB Bradley Chubb and a 5th round pick.

Denver receives a 1st round pick, a 4th round pick, and RB Chase Edmonds.

Miami: B+. They clearly think they are contenders. Anything less than an AFC Championship game will be disappointing. I don’t like giving up a 1st, but Chubb is a talented edge rusher who can make the opposing QB uncomfortable. Now it is just up to them to perform.

Denver: B-. They receive draft capital which is big for a team that is struggling at the moment. Giving up Chubb will hurt the defense, but being a top 5 unit in the NFL, I’m sure they’ll find a way to fill his absence. Edmonds can provide depth, and may even step into an RB1 role with them.

Jaguars receive WR Calvin Ridley

Falcons receive 5th and 4th round picks

Jaguars: A. They bought Ridley, a top 20 receiver when playing, at his lowest cost of his career. It only cost them mid-round picks, which I like. I think the Falcons are going to regret this trade when Ridley comes back next season and shows his true ability.

Falcons: D-. I just don’t understand the thought process behind the deal. They hardly receive anything of value for an extremely talented player who they seem to be throwing the white towel in on. I guess they’re taking a gamble that they can hit on these picks. Maybe it’s a locker room thing I don’t know about, but this trade seems like a hard loss to me.