Oh Canada

Steelers should have seen enough by now to know it’s time to move on


Andrew Deal

“The Steelers Way” can only last so long. The Steelers have consistently brought in new coaches or coordinators through their system. Omar Khan, the General Manager, was previously the Vice President of football and business administration. Teryl Austin was previously the Defensive Backs coach, and is now the defensive coordinator. Some may work out, but when they don’t, it looks really bad.

Matt Canada was previously the quarterback coach at the end of Ben Roethlisberger’s Hall-of-Fame career and was then promoted to offensive coordinator. This is very similar to when the Steelers promoted Randy Fichtner to offensive coordinator in 2018. Fichtner was the QB coach, and then was promoted to the coordinator position.

The Steelers need to move on and find an outsider that has a track record in the NFL. Frank Reich, who the Colts just fired as head coach, is an option the Steelers should consider. He made Carson Wentz look like an MVP candidate in Philadelphia and eventually won a Super Bowl with backup Nick Foles after a Wentz injury. This would immediately boost the Steelers offense and let the young player develop even faster.

Many fans were hesitant, last year, to call for Canada’s head. Big Ben was entering his final season and really did not have the arm talent or the mobility that he had previously. However, two more quarterbacks have since been in charge of Canada’s offense.

Mitchell Trubisky didn’t even get a fair shot at the starting job. He was the starter for the first four games, but was never allowed to audible. Yes, Matt Canada did not allow the starting QB to audible.

Then it was Kenny Pickett’s turn. He is supposed to be the future franchise QB. Not many quarterbacks show success initially, but Pickett has been even more underwhelming than his “pro-ready” description during the draft process.

Pickett is not all to blame. The play calling has been subpar at best, and with the Steelers star-studded skill position players, the way plays are designed has been under utilizing the talent.

For example, Calvin Austin III has yet to play this season because he has been dealing with an injury but, Matt Canada has made it very clear that he doesn’t know where Austin would fit in the offense. That would be normal for a rookie except for the fact that Austin may be the fastest player in the NFL. He had an unofficial 40 yard dash time of 4.19 seconds. There’s no possible way the fastest man in the NFL can’t fit in an offense.

With Chase Claypool now dealt to Chicago, it will become even more interesting to see how the play calling continues to hold back the young star-studded offense.