Student trip to Egypt set for 2024


Hannah Stelitano

Shaler Area High School students are invited to attend a trip to Egypt in 2024. Mr. Jason Pirring, Civics and Government teacher, has been involved in study abroad trips since he started his teaching career at Shaler in 2007. Due to COVID-19, the trips have been on hold but he is excited to finally bring them back.

“I’ve taken hundreds of students to Italy, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Turkey, and Greece in the past. 2018 was our last trip we took, and I really wanted to bring them back again as soon as I could after the pandemic,” he said.

There is an informational meeting about this trip on Wednesday, December 7 in the high school library at 7 p.m.

The trip includes five overnight stays at a hotel in Egypt and 3 overnight stays in cabins on a cruise ship. A professional tour guide will also come along to every stop on the tour. The guides have a background of the landmarks in Egypt, making the tours even more interesting and impactful.

A few of the many stops on the trip include seeing the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, going on an Egyptian cruise, and seeing the temples of Sobek and Haroeris.

“I wanted to take a trip that is more of an adventure. My favorite trip was Turkey, so I wanted to do something ‘Indiana Jones’ themed where we truly dive into history while doing a trip that is completely different from any other. I have always wanted to go to Egypt, and I knew that this was the right time,” Mr. Pirring said.

Mr. Pirring encourages all students to take this study abroad opportunity. It is life-changing and something that those involved will never forget.

“I went on a six month study abroad program to Australia in 2004 and came back completely changed. This specific trip made me have more respect for our country and everything we have but also opened my eyes to opportunities that other countries have. I want all students to experience these life- changing trips like I did, and really encourage everyone who can to take the opportunity to travel to Egypt,” Pirring said.