“Dear Evan Hansen” makes a huge impression on audience


Hannah Stelitano

After six shows in Pittsburgh, the “Dear Evan Hansen” Broadway tour can say this city has had an extremely successful run. 

When you first walk into the theater and see the set, multiple screens with social media alerts going off. Real tweets are appearing on the screen from famous singers and actors and fake text messages are also appearing. With this, you can hear automated noises of these alerts all going off. 

The first aspect of this show that struck my attention is that the pit orchestra is not below the stage, but above the stage on a platform attached to the set. This truly adds to the shows because you can hear the musicians more clearly, helping to draw you into the songs. 

The scene changes throughout this show also drew me in. They were extremely smooth and realistic, making you feel like you were actually part of the show since there was no stopping to change the set. 

Anthony Norman, who plays Evan Hansen, is truly made to be a Broadway performer. He has also made appearances in The Prom, Newsies National Tour, Chicago, and more. From the opening scene he was in, you could tell he lit up the stage. Despite how difficult this character is to play, Norman drew the audience in from his first lines and made an impression.

August Emerson, who plays Connor Murphy, also made a huge impression on the audience. His character plays a pivotal role in the plot and although he is not on the stage for majority of the show, the times he was truly stood out. This character is extremely hard to play as he passes away and has to reappear through peoples’ imaginations but Emerson portrayed this role extremely well. 

Every single scene in this show was amazing but “You Will Be Found” blew everyone away. This song was right before the intermission and as people were leaving their seats, there was not a single dry eye in the theater. The meaning behind this song, the actors, the stage blocking, and the set made every single aspect of this song truly perfect. 

Coleen Sexton, who plays Heidi Hansen, made an impact on the audience because of how realistic her character is. She plays a single mom who is constantly  working to provide for her son. Many truly get attached to her character because of how realistic she makes herself. Her song, “So Big/ So Small” was incredible as you can see her raw emotions coming out.

All in all, this show has truly left an impact on me. The meaning, the blocking, and the set design made every aspect of it stand out and leave the audience feeling changed.