Is Halloween a holiday or cult activity?


Cassidy Laffey

Let’s imagine the series of events that take place on any given October 31st: Children dress their best, pretending to be a princess or a walking corpse. They run excitedy to the doorstep of a stranger to say “trick or treat!”, but end up running away screaming from the scary decorations. They come home and get ready to eat their candy, but not until Mom checks it for razor blades.

There’s something unsettling about Halloween, and it’s just lurking under the surface. We mask the legitimate creepiness with candy and playing dress-up.

Whether you believe it or not, Halloween is actually a satanic ritual that the dark spirits have tricked us into performing annually. It sounds crazy at first, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. I mean, who started Halloween festivities, and why?

From a quick Google search, I found out that Halloween originated at the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. They would light bonfires and dress up as scary creatures to ward off demons. Yeah, demons.

It’s kind of alarming to look at the origin, and then compare that to the cutesy Halloween traditions of today. It was not meant to be a fun holiday, it was supposed to be a cleansing of the spirits. Maybe we failed.

There has always been a creepiness to Halloween, but it’s pushed under the rug because it’s “meant to be scary.” A bunch of little kids running around the streets in costumes in the dark just screams irresponsible stupidity. Anything could happen to these kids, yet everyone looks forward to it. It almost seems like we’re all brainwashed to think this is normal. Taking a step back from the “normalcy” of Halloween, it kind of resembles cult activity.

The theory is that on Halloween, there is a satanic ritual in which the demons gain power from the festivities on October 31st. The energy they get from us dressing up as them and scaring others fuels their influence on us.

Of course , there is absolutely no proof to support this. I mean, it’s just a fun conspiracy to joke about … or is it?