Someone needs to put “Grey’s Anatomy” and its fans out of their misery


Mia Schubert

(Caution — story contains spoilers)

The television show “Grey’s Anatomy” combines both medical drama and romance. The first season debuted in 2005, and the show has painfully dragged on for 15 years as season 17 began airing on November 17.

Every time I ask friends if they watch Grey’s  Anatomy, their answer is typically something like, “I started it, but quit watching it because I got bored.” I used to be astounded by this response as I held the show to such a high standard. I didn’t understand what people were talking about until I started watching the later seasons.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” story line began with five characters (George, Meredith, Christina, Izzie, and Alex) who were starting their intern year at Seattle Grace Hospital. The show revolved around their professional lives at the hospital, as well as their personal lives outside of it.

Each episode was filled with humor, drama, romance and even tragedy. I was completely obsessed with Grey’s and would binge watch it every day.

Then, the writer and producer of the show, Shonda Rhimes, thought it was a genius idea to have some of the main characters either die or leave the show.

By season 10, only two out of the five main characters remained: Alex and Meredith. Christina and Izzie left the show, and George suffered terribly after a heroic act of throwing himself in front of a bus to save another person; he later died.

Several other characters who were introduced in later seasons quickly vanished just as the audience had come to love them. One of these characters was Mark Sloan, McSteamy as everyone called him. As characters like this disappeared from the show, it became less interesting and not nearly as riveting. The only thing Grey’s still had going for it after season 10 was the epic love of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd.

Meredith and Derek helped carry the show for a long time along with a couple of other beloved characters, but after those other characters left, Meredith and Derek’s load got a whole lot heavier.

Their lives were filled with an unrealistic level of drama, but that’s what made their story so intriguing. I am confident in saying that every Grey’s fan loved Meredith and Derek’s love story, but, predictably, Shonda, doing what she does best, decided to write a story line in which Derek is killed in an accident.

I am aware that the actor playing Derek,  Patrick Dempsey, wanted to leave the show, but his death was the cue to end the show. Sadly, this didn’t happen, and the show only went downhill from there.

Seasons 13 through 15 were a blur. I, and I’m sure most others, felt angry and sad that Derek was no longer a part of the show. The drama that was created was not entertaining and the relationships that were formed were utterly awful. It seemed like the writers didn’t know how to keep the story interesting anymore.

“Grey’s Anatomy” completely lost my interest after Alex Karev, one of the only remaining original characters from season 1, left the show.

Alex,  portrayed as Meredith’s best friend, was the only character that kept me watching the show after Derek died. He was the only one who had a romance that everyone loved and supported. Viewers would watch the next episode just to see what would happen with his relationship and ultimately, his wedding.

Again, Shonda ruined something great in season 16 by having him, not only leave the hospital, but his wife as well. Do we see a recurring theme here? This was Shonda’s second cue to end the show with whatever dignity it had left.

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. I was not enthusiastic at all when I heard there was going to be a season 17. I couldn’t think of any new story lines they might create that hadn’t already been done. I was wrong. Take a wild guess about this season’s focus: COVID-19.

I can’t think of a reason why anyone would want to watch a show about a frustrating, annoying, and distressing time in which we are currently living, and have been for the past eight months. All of the characters, at least the ones who remain, have to wear masks and treat patients with the virus. Every aspect Grey’s had that made it unique is now gone. There are no more suspenseful surgeries, engrossing love triangles, or compelling drama.

The fact that the current season is about COVID is completely disappointing and just goes to show that the writers and producers have exhausted all original ideas; they should have ended the series several seasons ago. The show had a long run of great seasons early on, but its reputation is now destroyed; Shonda Rhimes needs to end “Grey’s Anatomy” now.


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