Dancing in the Dark

Homecoming dance a success despite lighting issues


Melanie Celender

Shaler Area’s 50th Homecoming dance was a celebration like never before, one which nearly did not happen due to a mouse. To make homecoming COVID-19 safe, the dance was held on Biles Field, which was lit up by the headlights of distant fire trucks after the lights went out.

Covid-19 brought up many new obstacles to face in terms of planning school events.

“There was always the very strong possibility that we were going to have to cancel the dance part,” Activities Director Mrs. Mindy Thiel said.

With the new delta variant making an appearance, the cafeteria would not be ventilated enough to safely keep everyone inside. The field was the best available option and so, with numbers staying down, our 50th homecoming dance was brought to life.

It was tougher to bring the lights to life that night.

“Curses to the mouse who chewed through the wiring…between Thursday night and Saturday night a mouse chewed through the wiring knocking out all the stadium lights,” Mrs. Thiel said.

After the lights would not turn on, there was a strong possibility that everyone at the dance would have to be sent home. As a quick solution, Undercliff Volunteer Fire Company lent their truck to illuminate the field for the night.

The culprit behind the broken wiring was, in fact, a mouse. Besides this hiccup, the dance was considered a success. Actually, it was considered such a success that the school would like to do another outdoor dance event.

“We are thinking about doing, instead of Sadies in the winter, a Spring Fling…I definitely want to do another all-school dance like how we did for homecoming,” Thiel said.

The idea of a spring dance would allow for another outdoor setting instead of having to worry about COVID restrictions that may be in place at the time.