Battle of Bad Guys — Michael Myers vs Pennywise

Kiera Harger and Corey Sigmund

Michael Myers

Imagine being stalked and then murdered in your own house! That’s enough to get anyone to bolt the door. That is one of Michael Myers specialties. He is very sneaky and slick. You don’t even know he is there until it’s too late. If I were to ever see this guy I would be running for miles.

Michael Myers has plenty of assets that would allow him to be dominant in a fight. He always carries a knife with him, this is a fatal weapon that could end the fight in a second. He is an old timer which means he knows all the tricks and good techniques to use when in a brawl. Myers would use sneakiness to his advantage with surprise attacks and unexpected hits.

Along with a great fighting style he also has a mask which asks for face protection. You’d really have to knock this guy to get the mask off.

As a master stalker he would already know everything about his opponent. He would guess his opponents every move and counter it perfectly. He may not be as agile or young as his opponents, but he is an extreme strategist and there is no way he would go down.

Tell Pennywise he can stay in his sewer unless he wants to be curb-stomped by a real man in a fight. Micheal Myers would kick that clown right back into the sewer system.


The tall tales about Pennywise the Clown were enough to keep the children of Derry, Maine awake at night. Just imagine running into him on the streets! If this were to happen, you better start running, because without a doubt, Pennywise would win in a fight against any other evil character, let alone a human. Pack it up Michael Myers.

For starters, Pennywise is supernatural. His biggest strength is his ability to read and  manipulate minds. This means that he can get into his victims minds and lure them to him. He will bring their biggest fears to life by hallucination. To his victims, reality gets distorted. They can’t tell what is real or fake and then they live in horror every second of every day. Pennywise can also shapeshift, so he can look like anyone or anything. He uses both of these to lure his victims to him, even though he could hunt them if he really wanted to. He is inescapable.

So from Pennywise’s point of view, his fighting strategy would be simple. Get into their head. Make them hallucinate all of their biggest fears so that pure terror is the only emotion surrounding them. Then, shapeshift into someone they trust. His victim will be so confused and horrified, they will be unable to fight back or retaliate in any way.

Pennywise then eats his victim.

So, you think someone can win against Pennywise? Nice try. He can’t be dead. He comes back every 27 years. Michael Myers doesn’t stand a chance against the supernatural Pennywise in a simple standoff. Tell Myers to take him and his cute little knife back to the retirement center because Pennywise will kick him back to 1978. Place your bets on the clown.