Invisible Halloween

Ella Katona

Invisible Halloween

I remember it so vividly,

The days of my adolescence.

Where children giddily raced

to the houses that were present.


I would smile gleefully and stretch out my pillowcase.

I would smile greedily as the candy landed into my embrace.


Little did I know, no such good things lasted for long,

Soon the streets became empty

and the children were gone.


In the starry, dark night

of the crisp autumn sky,

all that clung in the air

were the eerie gray clouds that drifted by.


Too invisible for even a ghost to be seen,

I realized no children would be sighted on this certain Halloween.


They stayed inside.

Locked in their own little castle.

Their beady eyes, wide waiting for a single trifling rattle.


Lonely and sugar deprived, these children wait.

For they only wanted to trick or treat on this specific date.


No contact from the outside world,

Their fantasies restrained into an animalistic cage,

for it pained them to wait until next years awaiting stage.


They would let the curtain rise up and let the story unfold,

As they would watch silently in an unforgettable rage.