Preschool students reap the rewards of Trick or Treat program


Avery Gallant

Every Halloween, the students enrolled in the Shaler Area preschool program are involved in the high school Trick or Treat around the school event. They get to dress up in their Halloween costumes,  go classroom to classroom and receive candy from the teachers. Mrs. Tara Wells, who took over the preschool program during the 2018-19 school year, is not the first to start this activity.

“Trick or Treating around the school began during the first few years of the program (early 1980’s). It had two goals: One was to teach the preschoolers safety by pretending the halls were roads (Looking both ways as they walked along) and the other goal was visibility of the program.” Mrs. Susan Fisher, former high school teacher and the creator of the preschool program, said.

As is the case with many other traditions, the trick-or-treating around the school has not changed much.

“I am happy to continue the tradition. It is one of my favorite activities that we do in Preschool. Not only do the preschoolers love it, but it is an activity that gets so much interest throughout the school. Everyone loves to see the little ones dress up and we get many teachers and staff members who participate in the tradition year after year.” Mrs. Wells said.